Divine Commitment: The Anointed Daughters of Destiny

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Divine Commitment: The Anointed Daughters of Destiny

Join me on this New Moon as we make a Divine Commitment to Divine Providence, Divine Hiddenness, and Commitment to the Good.

Are you a beloved spirit daughter of the Most High? To be a daughter of God means that you are the offspring of Deity, literal descendants of a Divine Mother Father, inheriting godly attributes and potential. 
As a child of destiny, you are destined to have peace and to be at peace with Go(o)d. You are destined to accomplish whatever Go(o)d has sent you here to do. Wherever you are now, you were destined to be there as part of Go(o)d's good plans for you.

The first thing Go(o)d does - is humble us; it reminds us we're not even in control of ourselves. The second thing Go(o)d does is it ploughs open hard ground. It opens up the crust of our lives that we've used to cover ourselves, exposing soft flesh below. And it makes us more liable to suffer deep pain but also deep joy. The third thing Go(o)d does is decentres the self. We realise our riches are not only in ourselves; they are in another person. And the final thing it does is it leads to a fusion between people.

A successful life is crafted by making four significant commitments: to a spouse or family, a faith or philosophy, a community, and a vocation. These days require distinct and potent shifts in our way of life and attitude to what is unfolding. Adjustments must be made at these adverse times to fortify our spirit and intensify our gratitude.

Steps like these proclaim our wakefulness, rebirth, and readiness for the day to come.