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Great Vigil of Easter: Passiontide

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Great Vigil of Easter: Passiontide


27th - 31st of March, 2024
10-10.30 am &  8-8.30 pm

Join me for two sessions a day as we journey for five days and nights into the hidden depths woven within Easter. We will witness the Sacred Marriage at its highest potential, beginning with the anointing of Jesus the Man and culminating with the holy resurrection of Christ the King.

This Great Easter Vigil is an ancient service pieced together for a deeper immersion that begins on Wednesday. Using Ignatian Contemplation or imaginative prayer, we will engage the heart, mind and soul to stir up meaningful and revealing thoughts and emotions for this time.

We know that the early Christians, amidst persecution and secrecy, celebrated this ancient ritual, and it was the most potent time for baptism into The Way. Early in the morning of Easter, after cockcrow, they were brought into a garden — usually, someone's back garden — and baptised in a spring of running water, robed in white and then presented to the community. What a wonderful event that must have been!

The Whole service will occur in the Notre Dame de Sophia (Our Lady of Wisdom), with all statues veiled in purple, with a darkened vigil in the chapel on Saturday night.

On the redness of Good Friday – which marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, we could dye eggs red, gather red flowers, and wear red, symbolising the blood of Christ, rebirth and new life.

On Sunday, an Easter Fire will symbolise light in the darkness. It can be as simple as lighting a candle or as big as a bonfire. Because fire symbolises light and renewal, it signifies the end of Winter and the coming of spring.

For five days, we will cover these themes:

  • Wednesday The Anointing of Jesus
  • Thursday The Last Supper
  • Friday Endurance of The Passion
  • Saturday The Passage of Death into Life
  • The Resurrection

So, my dearest friends, would you like to experience this? I propose we move through this Easter period, imagining our participation in all these events. Ignatian Contemplation has profoundly touched me, and I cannot wait to share it with you! You will all be personally moved by these experiences.

This will be a Live and Recorded event. All the audio files are yours to keep.

Throughout this Easter Vigil, let us journey along the same path, as every day brings more profound wisdom. Experiencing Easter along the Gnostic Path, we will learn the deeper meaning of the Paschal Candle, Easter Fire, The Redness of Good Friday and Maundy Thursday.