Release date: Easter Sunday - March 31, 2024


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Anaiya Sophia has done it again! Her The Rose Knight and The Grail King books are extraordinary journeys of mysticism and magical storytelling of the Sophia and Logos lineages. You'll not only learn much about the sacred lands that these stories take place in, but you'll be also step into your own awakening to greater levels of truth and innerstanding about the world we now inhabit. A magical must-read for any awakened being on the path of Light!

-Dr. Heather Kristian Strang, Metaphysical Psychologist & Bestselling Author of Love Letters from Mary Magdalene -

The story begins at the beginning of it all, in a world that created our own. Logos, the Living Word of God, has been sent to Earth to bring about a new world by reuniting with Sophia, the Wisdom of the Ages. In a race against time, he must oversee the perilous task of freeing her mind from the insidious clutches of the most potent clandestine organisation to ever walk the planet.

At lightning pace Logos and Sophia are plunged into a multitude of worlds filled with enlightening epiphanies, dark truths, Golden Ages, and the End of Days as the battle between Light and Dark turns to war.

Navigating the dark corridors of hidden history, The Grail King lift's the veil on the influences and agenda's that control the evolution of humankind. Using layered learning, an ancient way of bestowing wisdom, you, yourself, will be guaranteed to come face-to-face with Sophia. In between the lines is the Truth of our age, including the reason we're here at this apocalyptic time and the role we're to play in this fictional yet true story.

I came for her, but it was She - who came for all.

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