by Anaiya Sophia

A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak and finding "The One"

Does “The One” truly exist? This is the question that Scarlett O'Shea attempts to answer in this passionate, inspiring, and life-changing story of finding her Beloved. As she travels around the world calling in “The One”, an orchestra of events is set in motion that brings about their destined meeting. Along the way, she discovers that her Beloved (who is an well-known International “spiritual” teacher) is far more demanding than her international celebrity yoga lifestyle could have ever imagined. With flames licking at her heels, he invites Scarlett to leave her old life behind so she can fulfill her desire to know what happens when you say “Yes!” to love, no matter what the cost! Ride the twists and turns of this rollercoaster in this hilarious, irresistibly romantic, and soulful journey. Pilgrimage of Love is a tale that will have you believing in love all over again.

Anaiya Sophia’s quest to truly know love started when she was twelve years old after she “met” her Guardian Angel on the steps of the Sacre Coeur in Paris. This destined meeting set her on a journey of love that included fifteen years of teaching Kundalini Yoga and writing books such as Open Your Heart with Kundalini Yoga and Womb Wisdom - Awakening the creative and forgotten powers of the feminine. Pilgrimage of Love is based on her own adventure into the spirit of love.

Anaiya has been featured in magazine and newspapers such as Kindred Spirit, Spirit and Destiny, The Telegraph and The Guardian, as well as in numerous TV and radio shows. Her passion lies in re-awakening the power of love within others and working with the spirit of sexuality to heal, make whole, and rebirth women and men worldwide. She spends her love-filled life in London, England.

At thirty-eight years old, Scarlet O Shea was beautiful, successful, and in control of her life. If there was a Modern Woman manual, she’d have all the boxes checked. Nice house in the country? Check. Glam job? A-list fashion stylist turned celebrity yoga teacher: check. But with the big 4-0 looming, there’s just one thing missing from her list. True Love. Not the everyday normal man/woman love, but the wild, mad, and radical love of The One. In a chance meeting, a woman told Scarlett about a secret mountain in France with a trail to the top called the Pilgrimage of Love. Whoever takes the path, reaches the top, and prays to meet their true love will find their soul mate within a year. Pilgrimage of Love tells Scarlett’s story of climbing up the mountain, finding the courage to let go of her “good enough life,” and freeing her heart to find The One, the absolute best man for her mind, body, and soul. Irresistibly romantic and transformative, Pilgrimage of Loveis all at once a delicious read, a heart-warming journey of self-discovery, and a personal guidebook with practical lessons for discovering the love of your life. Scarlett tells her story of risking it all for love, conquering a major illness with love's healing power, and finally marrying the man of her dreams. Her patient courage to find her absolute, right, and meant-to-be, soul mate, and determination to overcome obstacles is both inspirational and aspirational. As she recreates her story, she acts both as gutsy guide and catalyst for those readers who are ready to break out of their barriers to find the love of their lives. Every woman deserves a knight in shining armor—and he’s out there waiting to be found.


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Verdict: The Pilgrimage of Love is an edgy tale that will appeal to women who believe that there is one special person who will make them complete. Scarlett O’Shea, a well-known, stylish yoga teacher of the rich and famous, has always dreamed of finding her one true love. Her Beloved. Even as a young child her dreams were filled with his image and the belief that one day he would make himself known to her, and their lives would be as one. With her spirituality guiding her, Scarlett engages her close friend Chloe to join her on an adventure that takes them to France and a mountain cave that is historically know to contain magical powers. It is said that once in the cave, you will meet your Beloved one year later to the day. But only if you believe. After an arduous climb, Scarlett enters the cave, feels the mystical powers and knows that her life is about to change. But that trip is just the beginning of her journey, and we follow Scarlett through a spiritual and physical journey to fulfillment with the man she has held in her psyche since childhood. Anaiya Sophia’s romance novel, The Pilgrimage of Love, is an edgy tale that will appeal to women who believe that there is one special person who will make them complete. Mixed with the heroine’s advice on how to find "The One", it also includes instructions on how to heal the wounds that can result from love and loss.

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  1. It’s a compelling story of individual and collective growth that warms the heart and provokes the mind.
  2. You take pride in the fact that you are equally proficient in the contents of both the Tao Te Ching and Us Magazine.
  3. Comprehensive appendices help to capture the process and get you started on your own personal journey.

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This is a really amazing book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how Scarlett was able to travel the world to seek out her true love. Scarlett finds her “One”and then pushes through as she experiences the joys of love and the sorrows of love. Anaiya teaches us about love in this book,how to love ourselves,how to love the “one”,how to push through all the joys and sorrows of love!

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Pilgrimage of Love is based upon a true-life journey to meet her beloved. Life prompts Scarlett on a journey to the south of France, to Mont De Coeur, to instigate the reunion with her beloved. Led by a life long desire to meet “the One”, she surrenders her existing life and sets off in a van named Robbie, driving to the special sacred place called the cave of the beloved, where she can assist the fulfilment of her heart's dream.

Anaiya’s enthusiastic and at times candid writing style “pulls” you into the book, and you may not want to put it down! As I read Pilgrimage of Love, and followed Scarlett’s footsteps on her journey of sacred awakening, I recalled my own footsteps that I took nine months following, unbeknown to me at that time. As the experiences of spiritual phenomena are described so intricately, this echoed my own such experiences on the mountain – named Mont Sainte-Baume, and other sacred sites. It may call you to a journey of your own. Following the publication of the Da Vinci Code, and Eat Pray Love, it is evident how enjoyable to read these types of journey into discovery really are, yet Pilgrimage of Love takes this to a new level of describing the perceptions on a spiritual level, and the passage of initiation as it unfolds, and what being spiritually activated in open awareness actually feels like. Exquisite descriptions of subtly sensing spiritual energies will re-awaken your own soul. You may know all too well, also, of the longing for your own reunion with your beloved.