Black Light Meditation

Spoken by Alethiea Sophia

Guided meditation to dissolve, delete and replenish 

Duration: 10:38

Dissolving Distrust, Insecurity and Suspicion Meditation

Spoken by Alethiea Sophia

Guided meditation to recapitulate any abandoned or avoided emotions 

Duration: 5:18

Sacred Heart Meditation

Spoken by Alethiea Sophia

Guided meditation to connect with your Christ essence in the secret chamber of the heart 

Duration: 12:36

Reconnecting to the Heart Meditation

Spoken by Aletheia Sophia

Guided meditation to drop into the heart and reconnect with love

Duration: 7:16

The Original Rape Meditation

Spoken by Alethiea Sophia

Guided meditation: based on a collective wound within the psyche that causes comparison, contrast and competition between women.

Duration: 28:38

Connecting with Your Core Soul Condition and Injury

Spoken by Aletheia Sophia

Guided meditation: a gentle journey to meet with The Oracle of Lemuria to reflect your true soul condition and "Cry of your Soul".

Duration: 11:22

The Lords Prayer in Aramaic

Spoken by Aletheia Sophia

Duration: 3:24

Removing Energetic Intrusions Meditation

Before you start

You will need a healing stone, rock or crystal, and a bucket or bowl of thick salt water. You can discover your stone or rock by casually strolling outside, and with a soft gaze ask your womb/hara to reveal and guide you towards your healing stone in the location. Follow your intuition, do NOT question its validity, as you stroll over and reach for that stone. You now need to leave it outside in the sunshine and then sleep with it for one night, either under your pillow, in your hand or down by your feet. When you come into contact with the stone, ‘pray’ for your stone to become your healing medicine and a tool that will clear and clean your womb/hara.

Shamans and energy practitioners believe that every physical aliment has a corresponding imbalance in the spiritual world. After reading about this concept, I decided to investigate for myself. My years of yogic training confirmed this truth, after connecting to my womb for its inherent wisdom she also revealed this truth, and through my own personal journey of having the early stages of cancer, I absolutely found out that this was indeed the case. Since working with intrusions, I would like to go one stage further and suggest that the emotion connected with the intrusion also requires connecting with. Every ailment first appears in the energetic realms. These imbalances restrict our life force, impacting everything that we do and if not addressed can eventually manifest as symptoms or dis-ease in our bodies. One problem that first appears energetically, affecting healthy engagement with life and eventually manifesting in our bodies, is called an intrusion. These could be objects imbedded as disassociated emotions, thoughts and feelings congesting as tangible shapes and forms in the spiritual reality. Once the energetic balance has been restored, healing can occur once the emotional attraction to such an intrusion has been felt into. When you come into connection with the intrusion, feel into the emotion that attracted such a congestion.

The Process

Bring yourself into a deeply relaxed state. Make sure you are in a space where you will not be disturbed by any other people by turning off all phones and any electrical devices. Make sure that your bowl of salt water is within reach of your right hand. At the end of the ritual you are going to ‘drop’ the stone into the water, making sure that you don’t handle it in any other way. Place your healing stone in your right hand, and come into a restful posture either lying down on your back, or sitting in a crossed legged posture. Take some time to fall into an altered state, at least fifteen minutes of restful breathing, opening to bodily sensations, allowing gravity to press down onto the bodies, as you move more and more into contact with your spirit body, the aliveness within and behind the physical form. Imagine that your spirit body begins to gently lift out of your physical body, with ease and gentleness once you are hovering above your body, turn over so that you can look down and see yourself lying there. Gaze at your body, looking for any energetic impurities as you ‘sense’ very carefully. Ask your womb/hara to reveal to you any physic/energetic intrusions that have imbedded themselves in your womb. These may appear as a non-physical object, shadow, shape, or feeling that something does not ‘belong’ or no longer serves you. “I wish to see any intrusions that are within me” is not enough. You must be specific. “I wish to see any intrusions that are within my womb” or “I wish to see any intrusions that are in my ovaries” will produce the true reflection. When you sense the presence of the intrusion, place your attention there. Use your awareness to look ‘into’ the intrusion, looking from all angles, behind it, through it and to the sides. You can begin to ‘turn’ it over, making it grow bigger and smaller. Its important for you to experience this, as the truth is “YOU” are empowered. Pray to ‘feel’ the reason why such an intrusion was created. What are the emotions associated with this? Ask you womb to reveal, the emotional state to resurface. Allow your self to feel this now, using breath and the emotional release of grieving to heal the attracting forces. When you are ready bring your left hand towards the physical place where the intrusion is located. Make sure that your left hand ‘touches’ the physical place externally, and energetically ‘connects’ with the intrusion internally. Using your intention, begin to dislodge the intrusion with your energetic fingers and gently, very gently guide it towards the right hand side of the body (away from the heart). Our goal is to guide the intrusion towards our right shoulder, down the right arm, and into our right hand, where are stone is resting. Once the intrusion is in your right hand, begin to “push and guide” its mass into the stone, which immediately will begin to absorb it completely. Once the intrusion has been absorbed and then sealed within the stone. Drop the stone into the salt water. We invite the body to relax as it begins to integrate the changes by loosely gazing into the new clear space of our womb/hara. We then begin to imagine that light that is rising up from the centre of the earth (Womb of the World). We sense and feel that this light is entering and filling the area where the cords used to be. Last Note:Leave the stone in the salt water over night. You are able to use this stone again. In fact the more you use it – the more attuned with you it will become.

Purpose & Format of Ritual

The principle of ritual in the Craft is to bypass the superego and speak directly to the spirit body and soul through poetry, performance and art. In the structure of self, the conscious mind (adult, superego, rational mind) has no way of direct contact with the spirit body/soul. Through ritual the conscious mind can bridge the gap to the subconscious-the child self, the archetypal self and through it contact the spirit body and even the soul. Rituals, magick, and spellwork are a symbolic act done in an altered state of consciousness, in order to cause a desired change. Nothing guarantees you love, money, or luck. You must be willing to look at the beliefs and patterns that prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Magick depends upon your willingness to accept change in whatever form it presents itself. Through magick we can attain the most important power - the power to change ourselves. A ritual can not be used in place of therapy. Performing a ritual will, at best, offer a temporary relief, but will not alleviate long-term issues such as abuse or mental anguish. Once the ritual has been preformed it is up to us, to align with the changes and be ever vigilant for the tendency to recreate the old pattern, and to act swiftly by staying loyal to Love, and true to Truth.

Four Steps of Creating Ritual

Ritual follows a natural progression of both physical and mental exercises. Each step is not only part of the process of creating ritual but is also part of the enactment of the ritual. By going though each of these processes the creator/writer/performer of the ritual is first mentally and then physically manifesting the focus of the ritual.

  • The Need, The Desire, The Emotional Involvement
  • The Knowledge and Preparation
  • Belief and Manifestation
  • Ability to Keep Silent (do not share that you have done the disconnection process keeps the work potent!), The Willingness to Release and Accep

Ten Guidelines of Ritual

  • Remember the intention
  • Let the myths inspire you
  • Use your intuition
  • Benefit all and harm none
  • Keep it simple
  • Stay balanced
  • Keep in touch with your feelings and the feelings of others in the circle (and acknowledge them)
  • Honor the power of words (don't say things in circle that don't belong in the ritual space)
  • Keep the imagination alive. (Create, don't stagnate)
  • Attend to detail, a powerful ritual alters consciousness and the details create a greater impact. If the ritual is complex- practice or rehearse if you want to keep the details under control.)

Questions to get you started:

  • Where is your ritual going to be performed?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Are you clear about what you are doing?
  • Are you open to feel your emotions as this work is done?
  • Do you trust the process?

If any of these questions create a negative or hesitant feeling. Feel into the emotions, delve deep, and release. Only when you are filled with certainty – proceed.