7th - 8th October, 2023
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De Ruyterstraat 65
6512 GB Nijmegen

Cost:  £222

Sacred Body Awakening is a continuum that keeps on going, changing slowly over time, and is cohesive with evolution. Conceived on the Mount of Beatitudes after falling to the ground, I knew this was a sacred blessing from Christ to be shared profusely at this time.

This somatic, deep, slow process opens us to the revelation of a profound natural ability in our body where we discover that movement is the message and messenger from our ancient past and near future. Our body contains the Hall of Records, and some of us, remember how to access them.

We will transmit the emanations that Awaken the Sacred Body through touch, breath, movement and rhythm. We will remember how to move through and permeate sacred domains, glimpsing, sensing and communicating through touch the evolution that is coming and our perfect place in it. This is the pristine, multi-dimensionality Temple Work of our time.

One of the last people to embody these mysteries was Mary Magdalene. She knew how to open the body to the primal source and love with the whole of her Being. Sacred Body Awakening comforts the soul, softens all that is rigid within and births the genuine restoration of love and trust amongst people. This work transcends all cultures, ages, colours, creeds, religions and genders- and heals 'his-story'.

This long-awaited union of our inner and outer Being anoints the treasure within, exploding every sense of duality as we discover our pre-verbal awakening as a divine being. Something the patriarchy has feared for a very long time, but alas, is now happening in great numbers. It's not enough to pray for Heaven on Earth. We now have to become it. And Sacred Body Awakening is genuinely one of those ways.

The 2 Day Workshop will include the following:

  • The Nine Constellations of Sacred Body Awakening
  • Comforting, Blessing, Loving, Igniting and Healing
  • Shakti & Bhakti Processes
  • Sacred Body Wisdom
  • Sophia/Mary Mysteries
  • Priest/Priestess Training

This training would serve:

  • The awakening of your body as Temple and Hall of Records
  • The precise and accurate receiving of this oral transmission
  • The Preparing of your whole self to work with women and men
  • The homecoming into a way of life compatible with what you carry in your soul.
  • The liberation, healing and health that this quality of work brings – in abundance!
  • The threading of Sacred Body Wisdom into your Being
  • Receiving an Absolute Living Transmission that blesses your 'taking of Sacred Body Awakening' out into the World.

Keys to integrating this Training:

  • Be open to learning something new
  • Allow yourself to be trained and guided through this process
  • Have no fixed ideas what this should be and how it must look


Aletheia Sophia

Aletheia Sophia is a Writer, Mythologist, Somatic Movement Minister and Whisperer of Sacred Wisdom. Her highly acclaimed books, courses, transmissions and workshops focus on the development of the mythic imagination and on the relevance of myths, fairy tales and folk traditions to the personal, cultural and environmental problems we face today. Her way of ministering these myths is through movement, bringing them alive inside of us to be personally informed.

She has an intense relationship with the land, especially the French Pyrenees, Egypt and Ireland. All of her work – writing, transmitting, somatic movement, storytelling and teaching – springs from an irresistible intimacy with the land, which is rooted in as much as the myths and stories of place as it is in a detailed knowledge of the physical and historical environment.
She is currently working on Mary Magdalene's Audio Guide to the South of France, an evocative and expressive partnering with the mythic imagination and the land itself.

Aletheia leads workshops and trainings in Sacred Body Awakening throughout Europe and North America. Now she is mostly at home with her husband and mother in the mountains where they have taken on an almighty project – the restoration of an old Catholic summer house for children into the White Rose Mystery School, complete with chapel, Bed and Breakfast, Vegan café, Apothecary of Body Rituals and Animal Sanctuary. They produce a large proportion of their food, keeping goats, sheep, pigs and an assortment of poultry; in a large thriving permaculture garden/food forest. That long, hard work, which requires her to be outside in all weathers tending to other living things, as well as a continuing daily need for long walks to explore old, forgotten Cathar paths, caves and mountains, has blessed her with a deep and nourishing sense of connectedness to the spirit of place that she feels drawn to share with others.


The Temple has Risen...

Sacred Body Awakening is a powerful initiation of Temple Holiness. This ancient remembering brings a person into complete contact with their Temple Codes embedded within the body. This is a whole-body initiatory process into the revival of the Sacred Arts, the mystical feminine way of permitting the Sacred Mother energies to flow ecstatically from one being to another whilst facilitating the journey from human to Divine, from (wo)man to God.

The Path of Sacred, Erotic Love is often unclear and unlived because so few have blazed the evolutionary trail ahead of us. It takes a vast and courageous heart to walk this path and a dependable connection with the Divine to continue to go deeper.

The Initiation of Sacred Body Awakening will...

  • Release waves of ancestral sexual dis-functioning, family secrets, taboo tendencies and shame.
  • Find places and spaces within your body that were holding onto sexual trauma, heartbroken memories and rejected parts of self.
  • Open to a larger field of belonging, healing, trust, love and surrender that is only possible with the woman-to-woman connection
  • Learn to trust and unleash your shakti to heal, make whole and ignite the power in self and others
  • Be supported by your brothers and sisters to go deeper into re-birthing your Temple Presence and ability to minister.
  • Unharness your longing to heal your sexual self
  • Bring your Lilith and Eve into union with a healthy relationship
  • Ignite your vulnerability by giving, opening, surrendering and trusting another
  • Retrieve your authentic priest/priestess gifts
  • This work is open to all men and women, regardless of their sexual preference, age or religious/spiritual backgrounds. You will be safe. You will be honoured. You will be gently held throughout the whole process.

Sacred Body Awakening is remembering "life in the Temple" and the ways of opening, healing, longing and awakening the full feminine force within the body. This workshop will open you to what you already know is inside of you but needs a little push (and permission) to embody it. This gathering would be for those who know their sacred purpose lies in the field of Temple Work, Sacred Touch, Anointing, Soothing, Somatic Touch, Sensuality, Passion and Power to illuminate the lost and forgotten parts of people bedraggled by our time.

Our time together will include storytelling, movement, shakti-awakening and the 'presentation' of the first Sacred Body Constellation (position). This potent visual often produces deep grief as the veils that once covered this healing form of beauty begin to lift. The look and feel of this work are absolutely stunning and so often 'remembered'. This time could also be received as a Holy Initiation to yourself - if you feel disconnected and disheartened from your sensual, sexual self.

This work carries an Initiation. To receive the template of Sacred Body Awakening, we will have to dig inside to locate and ignite our Temple know-how embedded within our body. This can often be a bumpy ride, as woven around those codes are memories, some glorious, some frightening - and this is what we do together. We form a Sisterhood of strength, encouragement, deep friendship and trust - and this is the key that open's the door! Sacred Body Awakening always brings authentic and genuine brother/sisterhood—the restoration of the Feminine on every level.

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

― Gospel of Thomas