One of the last people to embody these mysteries was Mary Magdalene. She knew how to open the body to the primal source and love with the whole of her Being. Sacred Body Awakening comforts the soul, softens all that is rigid within and births the genuine restoration of love and trust amongst people. This work transcends all cultures, ages, colours, creeds, religions and genders- and heals 'his-story'.

This long-awaited union of our inner and outer Being anoints the treasure within, exploding every sense of duality as we discover our pre-verbal awakening as a divine being. Something the patriarchy has feared for a very long time, but alas, is now happening in great numbers. It's not enough to pray for Heaven on Earth. We now have to become it. And Sacred Body Awakening is genuinely one of those ways.

This training programme will prepare you to receive the transmission that Aletheia guards and protects. Purity, innocence, cleanliness and joyfulness of authentic wisdom are her hallmarks. The training is a spiritual journey, yet also a very practical guidance how to embody this wisdom and will contain a lot of technical practices. It will also serve those who have no previous experience with working with groups or have no facilitator or teaching background.

By the time we have finished with you - you will be a polished representative of this Awakened Feminine Embodiment of Wisdom. You will receive an initiation ceremony, a certificate and a blessing to go out in the world and share and continue this work.

The Training will include the following:

  • The Nine Constellations of Sacred Body Awakening
  • Comforting, Blessing, Loving, Igniting and Healing
  • Shakti & Bhakti Processes
  • Sacred Body Wisdom
  • Sophia/Mary Mysteries
  • Priest/Priestess Training

This training would serve:

  • The awakening of your body as Temple and Hall of Records
  • The precise and accurate receiving of this oral transmission
  • The Preparing of your whole self to work with women and men
  • The homecoming into a way of life compatible with what you carry in your soul.
  • The liberation, healing and health that this quality of work brings – in abundance!
  • The threading of Sacred Body Wisdom into your Being
  • Receiving an Absolute Living Transmission that blesses your 'taking of Sacred Body Awakening' out into the World.

Keys to integrating this Training:

  • Be open to learning something new
  • Allow yourself to be trained and guided through this process
  • Have no fixed ideas what this should be and how it must look

Your Facilitator: Fanny Töröcskei

Fanny is a doula, a somatic bodyworker and a Sacred Body Awakening facilitator. She has been working with women and men for more than ten years now.

Fanny has a deep connection to female embodiment and embracing the way of the feminine in every aspect of life. Her work focuses on movement, intimacy, the womb space, releasing trauma from the body and reawakening the deep knowledge of blessed freedom. The conscious development of intimacy and the connection between body and intimacy is a key factor during every workshop she holds space for.

Fanny lives and works in Budapest, and is a mother of a young man who is currently studying in the Netherlands.