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Holy Order of Mary Magdalene: Mary's Ministry in France

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Holy Order of Mary Magdalene: Mary's Ministry in France

Begins 22nd of June at 8 pm for 12 weeks

Dearest Friends, join me for twelve weeks as we unravel more intimately Mary Magdalene's time here in the South of France and how centuries later, her legacy not only lives on - but thrives! It is said that Mary Magdalene began her ministry in the Occitanie region of Southern France shortly after fleeing the Holy Land.  Here, she could be more open, less veiled, as the Pyrenees Mountains housed the most perfect people to receive her message. Mary Magdalene, the embodiment of the Holy Sophia, the avatar of the Shekinah and Bride of the Most High; Beloved Descended Mistress and Charming Heart of Heavens and Earth alike.  You left your dwelling place among the Aeons and came down to experience life, joy, and suffering among us on Earth to remind us of the Light, our origin and destiny.  Like your friend Yeshua, you have rejected all worship but left us your teachings so that, like you, we may become Christified as offsprings of the Light. 

According to legend, Mary Magdalene and her family were set adrift on the Mediterranean Sea and made their way to Southern France soon after the crucifixion and Resurrection.  At this time in history, aside from the already established Celts, many Greeks, Arabs, Jews and others lived and travelled in this area, as Gaul housed the second-largest Jewish population after the Holy Land. 

Amid this cosmopolitan confluence of cultures and the exchange of goods, there must have been an exchange of philosophical and religious ideas.  It is very possible that during this period, many spiritual and symbolic links were discovered between these diverse peoples and their traditional belief systems that stretched back to the temples of Egypt.  Before she arrived in Les Saintes Marie Sur Les Mere, France was riddled with Isis cults.  The name Paris etymologically can be linked to the pre-Celtic ParIsis, the grove of Isis.  Clearly, this region was fertile ground for Mary Magdalene's mission.

Following her arrival in France, she was said to have travelled the land, preaching the authentic Gnostic gospel of Jesus, which had been directly transmitted to her during his time on Earth and in mystic visions after his return to the more subtle dimensions of Light.  French religious literature from the Middle Ages is filled with legends and stories of the life of Mary Magdalene from this period until her death.  Tales abound of her miraculous healings, her performance of the ritual of baptism, her aid in fertility and childbearing and even her ability to raise the dead.  There are even reports of a secret tradition of the healing arts that exists today in France and traces its roots back to Mary Magdalene.

After this prophetic mission, Mary reportedly withdrew to a cave in Ste.  Baume, where she spent the remainder of her days in prayer and seclusion.  She is believed to have been buried at Ste.  Maximin, where her remains were watched over by Cassianite monks from the fifth century until the Saracen invasion.  Then in 1058, in a papal bull, Pope Stephen acknowledged the existence of her relics in the church of Vezeley, which became one of the significant places of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages.

Ever since I have lived in France, I have spent all my time reading, researching and visiting places associated with Her and her spiritual descendants.  These places are filled with her presence and the timeless grace of apostolic succession.  I have always had a sense of those who walked with her.  Some of those people were by her side constantly.  In contrast, others would come for some time to soak up the message and return to their country to birth the sons and daughters of the Hidden Light into European Royalty and Seats of Power.

 .. the spiritual fragrance of Her many spiritual descendants gathers around me, their voices softly rising in a harmonious choir that envelops me with their warmth and gentle guidance, each voice a unique hue and quality, all blending, rising and falling in a haunting cosmic melody, their power to awaken undiminished by having left this Earth, most of them long before this body was born.

Her successors survived despite bigotry and persecution by carefully selecting candidates, passing their orders exclusively to women, and maintaining the most strict secrecy throughout the centuries.

The Desert Mothers, Ancient Mothers, Anointed Daughters of Destiny, Sisters of the Hidden Light, call them what you will - I simply call them by what I am part of  - The Holy Order of Mary Magdalene - the Line of Succession. 

For twelve weeks, we will journey through the Inner Circle of Mary Magdalene, meeting one of her disciples every week in an hour-long transmission, suggested reading materials and designated prayers.  This deep submersion into the land-based memories of her Church of Love requires a period where you can be deeply present in what you are receiving.  All the recordings are yours to keep and may be referred to at a more suitable time. 

Nothing I am saying can be historically proven, as the Order remains partially secret - even to this day.  Despite our more progressive times, there is still a danger. 

the mantle admitting you into the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene is being extended..."there is but one thing I will speak to the Lord concerning the mystery of truth: In this, we have taken our stand, and to the cosmic are we transparent. "


"You have come so that the revealed may reveal the Revealer."

Dialogue of the Savior